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Those known in our family who chose to participate as Patriots were: Isham Browder; James McKnight; James McCall and his son, William McCall; Matthew Stewart; James Holmes Bryson; Solomon Strickland; Nathaniel Benjamin Bullock; Reuben Pinion. Those who chose to remain Loyalists were: Dr.Thomas Hunt (who may have been Quaker), Absalom Wells was also a Loyalist. Whatever their choice, consequences were paid and their families were not immune to the worries and plagues that war brings upon the innocent.
On this page, we will look at the men in our family who participated in the war, the known battles in which they risked their lives for their beliefs, their families and their lives. I have no doubt but that many other of our ancestors fought in the Revolution, but I am still researching. If you know of other Revolutionary soldiers in our family, please email me,


Isham Browder enlisted in Virginia and served with George Washington and Lighthorse Henry Lee at Monmouth where he was injured. Isham served in Captain Butler Claiborne's unit. Isham is listed with the DAR and his Revolutionary War papers are available through the National Archives. Isham was born in 1762 in Dinwiddie Co., VA. As you can see, Isham was very young when he fought as a soldier in the Revolution. Probably after the war, Isham married Rachel Slaton. Isham received a Bounty Land Warrant for land in Kentucky and in 1821 served in the capacity of Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Hopkins Co., KY. Isham died in Hopkins Co., KY in 1830.  James McCall and his sons, William and James were all soldiers in the Revolution. James McCall Sr. served in Captain Alexander's militia unit from Mecklenburg County, NC. James was probably born in 1721 in County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland. He arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1733 accompanied by his brothers: William and Thomas and sister Elizabeth; cousins: Francis and Thomas; along with James Harris and his family and James Calhoun and his family. According to James's grandson, Hugh, first historian of Georgia, the McCall families had emigrated from Scotland to Ulster together and then to America together. This would seem to be borne out by the fact that the Calhoun's, Harris's, and McCall's follow the same migration pattern from Philadelphia to Virginia to the Carolina's. James married in 1738 in Lancaster Co., PA to Janet Harris, daughter of the above James Harris. Together, James and Janet had seven children born in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Migrating through Pennsylvania (Chester, Lancaster, Cumberland), James made his way to Augusta Co., VA about 1746. He was living in Wythe Co., VA in 1756 when the French Indian War broke out. Believing the wilds of the mountainous Virginia to be unsafe for their family, James and Janet moved to Mecklenburg, NC in 1756. James died in Mecklenburg, NC in 1794. James is listed with the DAR. 

James's son, William, served in the First Battalian Infantry under Col. Otho H. Williams and was with the 1st MD Regiment at Hillsborough. William was born in 1754 in Virginia. He married in 1778 in Mecklenburg, NC to Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Matthew Stewart. William died in 1827 in Mecklenburg, NC. William is listed with the DAR. 

  Robert McKnight probably served in the American Revolution under Captain Alexander in Mecklenburg, NC. It is known that he provided the Patriots with supplies. Robert was born about 1744 in Mecklenburg, NC. He married a Catharine, maiden name unknown. He died in 1818 in Mecklenburg, NC. He is listed with the DAR. 

  Matthew Stewart served in the American Revolution as a Captain. He enlisted in Anson County, NC. Matthew was born in 1720 in Scotland and immigrated to Column Place in Anson Co., NC in 1739. It is believed that Matthew married Elizabeth McCall, perhaps the sister of James McCall, before 1760. Matthew died in 1808 in Mecklenburg or Anson, NC. 

  Reuben Pinion served in the American Revolution and enlisted in Surry Co., NC and served for two enlistments 1778-1781. He first served under Col. Williams in General Rutherford's Brigade when he pursued Cherokees. His next enlistment, also from Surry, was under Capt. James Sheppard, Col. Armstrong's Regiment where he fought at King's Mountain in South Carolina. Reuben was born in 1745 in Virginia. He married first to Unknown and second in 1793 to Lydia Bond. He died in 1843 in Stanly Co., NC. 

  James Holmes Bryson served in the American Revolution in North Carolina. James was born in 1745 in Mt.Joy, Lancaster, PA. He married about 1765 to Sarah Countryman. He died in 1835 in Haywood Co., NC. Please follow the link for a wonderful Bryson Family Home site. 

  Solomon Strickland served in the American Revolution under Gen.Elijah Clark with North Carolina Troops though this has yet to be proven. Solomon was born about 1740 in Guilford, NC (originally Nash County). He married in 1764 to Amy Pace, daughter of Thomas Pace. Solomon died about 1818 in Madison Co., GA. 

  Nathaniel Benjamin Bullock served in the American Revolution in North Carolina. Nathaniel was born in 1738 in Granville Co., NC where he married in 1760 to Mary Hawkins, daughter of John Hawkins and Mary Wyatt. Nathaniel died in 1802 in Oglethorpe, GA. 

The Loyalists

Some of our ancestors were Loyalists. Among these was Dr.Thomas Hunt, who may have been a Quaker, or of Quaker background. Dr. Hunt lived in Bedford, VA at the time of the war and was imprisoned for his loyalist beliefs....... 

Another possible Loyalist was John Wells.....his brother Absalom, was listed in a 1783 Act of Confiscation in Georgia in which all of his land was confiscated by the state for his Loyalist activities. 



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